Wednesday, November 21, 2007

About me

Gonzalo Martinez

Born and living in Chile since 1961.

I have been published in my country since 1987 in a wide range of media, from independent comic magazines to newspapers doing comics, illustrations and comic strips. My strip “Horacio y el Profesor” was published since 1991 to 1999 in the main chilean newspaper El Mercurio and in the comics banner of the Opera internet browser.

In 2001 I started to collaborate with writers from all over the world in order to expand the limits of his art.

Formerly an architect, in 2003 finally I decided to work as a full time comic book artist.

Since 2003 I have worked mainly for the american market on titles like”DigitalWebbing presents” with Matt Starnes, “Rich Johnston’s Holed Up” with Rich Johnston for Avatar Press, “B.A.B.E. Force” with Kirk Kushin for Forcewërks, “Leather Jacket Guy” with Matt Starnes and Diego Jourdan for 01comics and Romance comics for Arrow Publications LLC with several writers. I have made illustrations for Penny Farthing press and Ape Entertaintment.

At this moment I'm working on a second graphic novel of Super Teen*Topia, written by Kirk Kushin and formely published by Alias Enterprises. The first 5 issues published by Alias plus fifty brand new pages will be published as a graphic novel very soon.

In October of 2007, Alfagüara, the chilean branch of the spanish publishing house, published my 120 pages graphic novel “Road Story”. It’s an adaptation of the short story written by the chilean writer and movie director Alberto Fuguet.

I live in Parque Forestal in Santiago de Chile with my wife and two kids.

April, 2008

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