Friday, November 28, 2008

Quique Hache.

El exitoso personaje de Sergio Gómez tiene libro nuevo. Tentativamente llamado "Nuevas Aventuras de Quique Hache", este libro que reune 4 cuentos del detective privado adolescente aparecerá a comienzos de 2009. Las ilustraciones del libro corren por mi cuenta.

Más noticias acerca de Quique Hache, pronto.

Super Teen*Topia, the graphic novel!!

The graphic novel is coming out in December from Diamond to your local comic book store! STT: Invisible Touch is the original 0 - 4 issues -- plus all new material from the never published issues 5 - 6. At 196 pages it's only $15.99! Super Teen*Topia by Kirk Kushin, Gonzalo Martinez and Laura Abella.

In a world of super powered icons, being sixteen and having amazing abilities isn't quite as life altering as comic books would have you believe. No jets, no indestructible costumes and no high-tech headquarters mean that these young super-heroes can only fight crime as far as the bus route will take them.

Join four friends as they experience all the fun of high school -- but with a super powered twist. Super Teen*Topia: just because you can level a mountain, it doesn’t make it any easier to get a prom date!

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