Monday, November 26, 2007

Holed Up press

What did they say about "Holed Up" art?

Don McPherson
Martinez's name is a new one to me, but he hits it out of the park with this effort. His cartoony approach suits the over-the-top, satirical tone of these characters perfectly, and the level of detail he brings to bear is more than a little impressive. His style here strikes me as an unusual cross between those of Gary (City of Silence) Erskine and Batton Supernatural Law) Lash. I think the visual highlight of the book is Grannie's introduction. The energy and dementia that Martinez injects into that scene really makes the most of that brief and surreal moment in Johnston's script.

Paul O'Brien
Artist Gonzalo Martinez does a fantastic job selling the sight gags, but his characters' body language is often beautifully pitched as well.  There are some great hidden sight gags in the background, and he manages to bring a bizarre sense of reality to the whole thing.

Dave Graham
I love the art in this book. Given the story, there needed to be lightness in the art, and here that's just what you get. Martinez delivers truly "comic" art, art that people would equate with the funnybooks of old - at least here in the UK. But there is also a modernicity in the layouts, a nice amalgamation of modern and classic styles. This makes for a visually interesting read. Perhaps the most interesting thing in the art though are the little details that have been included - whether it be in the foreground, or more often than not in the background.

Stephen Holland
Hated the art.

Don McPherson
Gonzalo's art, which puts me in mind of Batton (Supernatural Law) Lash's work, captures the zaniness and goofy tone of Johnston's satirical script perfectly. I really wish we could see more of his work in color, though; the cover(s) just isn't enough.

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