Monday, November 26, 2007

Super Teen*Topia in Newsarama

Kirk Kushin talks about Super Teen Topia in Newsarama.
"It seems like most teen books today are either a variation of the Teen Titans (the classic super team institution) or the New Mutants (the academy Sky High theme). I wanted to develop something that took a look at being empowered more from the sensibilities of a John Hughes film. Being a teen and operating in a high school environment is a major challenge… just because you have “powers” doesn’t mean your problems go away. The book is very much in the vein of Greatest American Hero – where the character had a suit with powers but he was still dealing with everyday issues… stuff that was funny because you could relate to it. Super Teen*Topia is all the good stuff of Freaks and Geeks, Square Pegs and Sixteen Candles… but in a “super-soap” format."

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Super Teen*Topia reviewed by Ray McLelland.
"And such is Veronica Mars meets 90201 meets Dawson’s Creek meets Revenge of the Nerds all wrapped up in Super Teen Topia. It’s not Generation X where the kids in school all run off in their costumes to beat up so-and-so and team-up with Howard the Duck. We meet our stars of the book in issue 1 and know right away that by issue 5 they aren’t going to be off in costume fighting Galactus. S.T.T. is a real feel slice-of-life comic book with a dash of superpowers thrown in. "

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Super Teen*Topia issue #1 published in Newsarama.
"With issue #4 due out in October, Forcewerks has provided Newsarama with the full first issue of Super Teen Topia by Kirk Kushin and Gonzalo Martinez with colors by Laura Abella. "

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